About my frisky moments

Hi Kind people!! 🙂

This is Shruthiy from Kerala,India and my blog on all the frisky moments of my life. I’m Software QA engineer by profession and  I love singing ,Dancing,reading and a voracious music listner :D(love all kind of music and a die hard fan of AR Rehman :))..and yeah ! iam an Amateur photographer too!:).I own a Sony prosumer camera and carry it all the way wherever I go 🙂 ;).Love clicking all those moments of life which really goes unseen.Even I love cooking and quilling…..and thats how I chill most of the time. 🙂

I love to make cards  and yes u can even ask me to make customized cards too 🙂

So here by ill be sharing all the frisky moments of ma life…Hope u’ll enjoy 🙂 😀 😉

Cheeeeeeeeers 🙂


7 thoughts on “About my frisky moments

  1. Nominated you for “The very inspiring bloggers award”.
    🙂 Cheers!!! Hugs!!!

  2. Nice photos and cards. I am the photographer in our family and my wife is the cardmaker.

    • Wow Mark!!! thanks a lot .It means a lot to me!! and I must say ur photographs are really awesome.Every pics are one of a kind!!! and really good to know that ur wife is a card maker.Would love to see her creations.:) Thanks a ton for ur time to see my blog
      Mark!!! 🙂

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